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Hi, and thanks for your interest in me and my writing projects. I'm an ordained Presbyterian minister living with my wife Valerie in Victoria, British Columbia. I am now a Christian novelist and my intent is to write for your inspiration as well as entertainment.  My first novel, Spirit Code, has been a project in process for several years and I am happy to have it available online as an ebook, and soon as a printed book.

My next project is to turn a play I wrote and performed, The Redeemer of Stony Corners, into a published short story. It is a whimsical look at my imagined back story of Jesus' parables. It was fun to write and act and I hope it will be fun to read as well.

I also plan to write at least one sequel to Spirit Code and follow Josh, Elizabeth and Max in more adventures aided by the warrior angel, Arnon. Look for that in the months to come.

In the meantime, I shall keep blogging and thank you once again for your interest.


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